Tammy is a compassionate and patient coach. I feel safe sharing with her as she draws me out. From the very first session, I felt like she was a vessel of God’s love with her gentle voice and caring manner. I felt like a weight was lifted off of me, and I felt peaceful and free. ~ Sandy

Quiet, gentle, listener with a heart of gold Coach. Soul surgery never felt so painless! And you”ll feel like you made a life long friend in the process :-). ~ Kim

Tammy has an impactful combination of skills to help her clients be free! She is like a quadruple threat when it comes to annihilating pain and lies in a person’s life. You will feel free and empowered after meeting with her! 

I’ve watched Tammy use her professional experience as a counselor, her years of experience as a Mom and wife, her years of ministry experience, and also watched her pull from a treasure of tools from her heart, that are her own, from spending hours and hours with God. God has always used one or more of these four methods to immediately give me deep heart healing!

When I picked up the phone to meet with Tammy, I was struggling, and when I hung up the phone, I had a solution. I highly recommend Tammy as a Coach! ~Anne

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