He Cares About Your Pain

  Sometimes we face some really difficult circumstances. We are challenged to trust God with something new. We find ourselves on our knees, waiting for wisdom, or simply being held by Him. I know He has power, control and works all for good, but my greatest comfort is in knowing He is very close. SoContinue reading “He Cares About Your Pain”

No Greater Love

With joy all over her face, one of the readers of the “The Power of Compassion”,  poured out these words (quoted and shared with permission): “Your book gave me hope that God could help me with my struggles like He helped you. It encouraged me to go back to finding out more about Him, andContinue reading “No Greater Love”

He Meets You Where You Are

I am convinced that my primary focus is meant to be my relationship with Jesus, versus being a person of good character who makes the right choices.  When I am in a growing friendship with Christ I have a much better chance of doing the right thing out of a pure heart.  This is becauseContinue reading “He Meets You Where You Are”

What Can I Rely On?

I believe that we are all made with an innate need for security and freedom. I have been thinking about how easy it is to put too much trust in something to enable me to feel confident that all will be well — things like loving relationships, success in work/ministry, financial investments, or even healthyContinue reading “What Can I Rely On?”

Jesus Is More Than Enough

First let me say, as you read this, hang in there, the story gets better…. I lost my third and forth baby before birth. After each loss, I felt a huge painful gaping hole in my heart. The chance of a future successful pregnancy was slim, based on my age and statistics. Adoption seemed financiallyContinue reading “Jesus Is More Than Enough”

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing!

There are unique things about us that God designed in us! When we stay true to how God made us, we fulfill our destiny, and God delights in it! We have a unique part to play in bringing heaven to earth! The following poem on this topic was inspired by an encounter I had withContinue reading “Do What Makes Your Heart Sing!”

Sleeping Peacefully

 Do you have a hard time shutting your brain off at night? Do you have a hard time with unresolved problems? Are you sometimes tossing around creative ideas in your mind, when you should be sleeping? I often wake up around 3 in the morning, and the things and people I am most concerned aboutContinue reading “Sleeping Peacefully”

Exchanging Hopelessness

One day I realized that although I seemed to have a lot of faith for others finding resolution and success, I was approaching some personal situations and relationships with a lot less faith than was rational, in light of the goodness and power of God. It was time to trade in my lack of hopeContinue reading “Exchanging Hopelessness”

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