A Good Blast From The Past

So I woke up this morning with this song in my head, totally out of the blue, and it made me smile. I felt inspired to share it, so I quickly found this beautiful photo slide show with lyrics. There are some typos in the lines, but if you listen and watch, you”ll still catchContinue reading “A Good Blast From The Past”

Be Gentle With Yourself

It may have been hard to see from the outside, but I was a mess yesterday. I finally sat down and spilled out my heart to God in my journal – writing helps me identify what in the world is going on in my soul. I listed about a dozen emotions I was feeling, andContinue reading “Be Gentle With Yourself”

What Ancient Judaism Taught Me

In the religion I was raised in, I often heard Jesus referred to as the “Lamb of God” that takes away the world’s sins. I never fully understood why He was called a lamb. Once I began to study the religion in which He was raised, the understanding came. As perfect lambs were killed regularlyContinue reading “What Ancient Judaism Taught Me”

Strength for You

Confession: I am a deep feeler and thinker with a vivid memory and imagination. This is helpful when writing or connecting with or encouraging people. However, these same traits can make me vulnerable to being tossed around by reminders of past mistakes, false responsibilities, and fears. Soon, I may start carrying the weight of the worldContinue reading “Strength for You”

A Prayer For You This Season

This verse comes to my mind often. There is nowhere else I would rather be than with my ear to the heart of the One who loves me, you, and this world with so much compassion. God’s love reaches depths, widths, and heights that can carry us through the darkest nights and the most challengingContinue reading “A Prayer For You This Season”

Longing To Be A Superhero?

Before I walked into the kitchen where he was fixing a snack, my 13 yr. old overheard me make a brief statement that revealed my concern over how effectively I was helping in a situation. His casual — even cheerful, but meaningful encouragement to me: “You’re not the superhero in this story mom, God is.”Continue reading “Longing To Be A Superhero?”

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