Strength for You

Confession: I am a deep feeler and thinker with a vivid memory and imagination. This is helpful when writing or connecting with or encouraging people. However, these same traits can make me vulnerable to being tossed around by reminders of past mistakes, false responsibilities, and fears. Soon, I may start carrying the weight of the worldContinue reading “Strength for You”

A Prayer For You This Season

This verse comes to my mind often. There is nowhere else I would rather be than with my ear to the heart of the One who loves me, you, and this world with so much compassion. God’s love reaches depths, widths, and heights that can carry us through the darkest nights and the most challengingContinue reading “A Prayer For You This Season”

Longing To Be A Superhero?

Before I walked into the kitchen where he was fixing a snack, my 13 yr. old overheard me make a brief statement that revealed my concern over how effectively I was helping in a situation. His casual — even cheerful, but meaningful encouragement to me: “You’re not the superhero in this story mom, God is.”Continue reading “Longing To Be A Superhero?”

Strengthening Words for the Shaken

For anyone out there feeling shook or weary from all that is happening in the world right now, I want to encourage you with these reminders: There is no one or nothing more powerful than the Creator of the universe.He does not overlook anything that concerns you.He is full of compassion for all who areContinue reading “Strengthening Words for the Shaken”

Speak Life

I want my words to others to be God’s words speaking through me — His heart, His love, His words — starting with those closest to me. I am so thankful for His example, and that He leads with patience and understanding. Praying for anyone reading this — may you hear His compassionate heart towardContinue reading “Speak Life”

You Are Never Alone

Sometimes we need a reminder: we are completely understood, completely loved, never without acceptance and guidance. God’s hand is always extended toward us — we only need to take it. We call out, He is always there, He draws in close, He gives us strength, He gives us direction, He gives us courage — SometimesContinue reading “You Are Never Alone”

Restorer Of The Broken

My God is a Jewish Carpenter.  Not only is He a Builder but a Rescuer and a Restorer.  No heart or life is too broken for Him to turn into something beautiful.  HE IS SO GENTLE AND KIND IN OUR TRANSFORMATION PROCESS. HE LOVES BEING NEAR EACH ONE OF US  — NO MATTER WHAT CONDITIONContinue reading “Restorer Of The Broken”

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