More Encouragement for Christmas and The New Year

Are you feeling weary, discouraged, or just need to catch your breath and reflect on the meaning of Christmas in the midst of all the holiday bustle.  Let me encourage you with good news  fitting for the season or any time of year: We were made by the God of the universe with the purpose ofContinue reading “More Encouragement for Christmas and The New Year”

The Christ of Christmas in The Midst of Real Life

During the holidays or any time of the year, I can feel overwhelmed with the challenges my loved ones and I face…unless I remember that I have been befriended by the God of the Universe, and He hears all my prayers. Any personal struggles or difficulties the people I care about are going through orContinue reading “The Christ of Christmas in The Midst of Real Life”

He Longs To Show You Love

This is for anyone who needs to here this: God draws near to you as you pour your heart out to Him.  He longs for you to receive all the understanding, compassion, and help that He has for you.  I pray that this very hour,  you are overwhelmed by His loving presence.   (Isaiah 30:18Continue reading “He Longs To Show You Love”

Hey Fellow Life-Traveler!

Dear fellow life-traveler, Your ability to measure up to your standards or anyone else’s expectations has no bearing on your worth. You are not defined by your productivity, visibility or success. Nor are you defined by your mistakes and failures. Awareness of your shortcomings is not an opportunity for self-lashing but an opportunity to receiveContinue reading “Hey Fellow Life-Traveler!”

There Is No Fear In Love

Dear Reader, Have you turned your will and your life over to Jesus but sometimes feel weary and discouraged as you are learning to follow Him? Do you ever feel that He must have had enough of your floundering and stumbling? I have good news for you. It is not in His nature to rejectContinue reading “There Is No Fear In Love”

The Best Reward

You are completely known by God and completely loved.  Let that knowledge wash through you and remove all fear.  There is nothing you have done or will ever do that can cause Him to reject you.  He longs for you to receive His extended hand of mercy and acceptance.  God wants you to walk handContinue reading “The Best Reward”

You Can Succeed!

The new year often comes with fresh motivation to set goals or renew goals.  We often find ourselves examining our motives and desires and asking God to point us in the direction He has for us.  Sometimes procrastination, distraction, and doubt can come against us hard.  There are other enemies to our success like isolationContinue reading “You Can Succeed!”

Help In Times Of Loss

In 1969, When Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlined the stages of grief in her book Death and Dying, she greatly contributed to our understanding of the process of emotional healing. The stages of grief can be applied to recovery from many kinds of losses.  She named the stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  In watching myselfContinue reading “Help In Times Of Loss”

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