Be Gentle With Yourself

May be an image of boots

It may have been hard to see from the outside, but I was a mess yesterday. I finally sat down and spilled out my heart to God in my journal – writing helps me identify what in the world is going on in my soul. I listed about a dozen emotions I was feeling, and He helped me figure out where they were coming from and where my thinking wasn’t lining up with His. I sensed He was talking to me much more kindly than I had been talking to myself. This lines up with who He is — mind-blowing generous with lovingkindness and encouragement.

The turmoil I had before talking to Him reminds me that I am not the only one struggling. It makes me want to shout out to anyone who needs to hear this: Be kind – not only to others but to yourself – in thought, words and actions. Talk to yourself like an encouraging and compassionate friend — it is as important as how you treat others. Love others AS YOURSELF. There are two sides to this command – labeled one of the greatest commandments by THE GREATEST PERSON EVER.

And here is a funny photo that was taken a couple of months ago, right after I discovered that I had been wearing two different boots for several hours 😂. I had been to three different public places looking like this. I didn’t notice until I was in an elevator and looked down. I was embarrassed, but I laughed out loud.

We are all a work in progress, learning to think and do well and love better and having mishaps (maybe even wardrobe ones like me). I am praying to be more patient with myself and take myself less seriously because I will have much more energy for living and loving. I pray the same for anyone else out there who needs it. May you remember to be compassionate, encouraging, and gentle with yourself, just as the ONE Who loves you deeply 🔥 is with you ❤️.

Therefore Yahweh waits with longing to be gracious to you, And therefore He is on high to have compassion on you...” Isaiah 30:18


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