Longing To Be A Superhero?

Before I walked into the kitchen where he was fixing a snack, my 13 yr. old overheard me make a brief statement that revealed my concern over how effectively I was helping in a situation. His casual — even cheerful, but meaningful encouragement to me: “You’re not the superhero in this story mom, God is.” …. So powerful. With all that is going on globally, nationally, and personally for all, I thought I would share this message. Anyone out there who longs to help, heal and make a difference, is feeling a little weary, and needs to hear this like I did: You’re not the superhero in this story, God is. ❤️  Don’t stop praying and believing. God is aware of all that is happening. He cares and loves you and the world immensely. He can do what you can’t. He holds you with your aching heart and hears all of your prayers.

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