Need Some Encouragement This Thanksgiving?

For anyone out there feeling at all disconnected and heavy hearted as the winter holidays officially begin today, I am praying for you to feel the arms of God around you. He is always there to listen to your cares, concerns, and confessions with compassion and the power to move forward in faith and in love for others and yourself. It is a strange time and it is ok to feel strange. You are loved just as you are this moment. This Thanksgiving, I thank God for each precious person He has made including you — you are His amazing artwork and please always remember that. Hope and love are a prayer away. You can depend on His strength. “So be made strong even in your weakness by lifting up your tired hands in prayer and worship…”(Hebrews12:12)
You are so very loved. #thankful #Jesusheals #youareloved

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