Are You Convinced?

Some people have a favorite quote or Bible verse. Romans 8:38-39 may be  the verse that is dearest to my heart.  I love how it starts out with “For I am convinced.”  If I am honest there were a several painful times in younger years that I was not convinced — there have been personal mistakes, accidents, traumas, and losses that left me shook and wondering — Am I really lovable?  Am I really worth protecting?  Has God left me? However, in all my weakness and trembling, the more I trusted God and watched Him work, the more He transformed my fear and doubt into courage and peace.  That is the short story of why Romans 8:38-39 means so much to me. (Find the longer story in my book Brushstrokes of Heaven 😉 )

I am so glad that even when I felt like I was hanging by a thread, He still had me in His hand. I am grateful that God never gave up on me even when I questioned His love.  Over time I have grown to say with tremendous heartfelt conviction that I AM CONVINCED that nothing can separate me or you from his love.  I have seen him do amazing things in the lives of others, and he has brought good things out of every single disaster and heartache that I have surrendered to him. 

There is no pain or darkness that can keep us from His love.  This belief is at the heart of my personal story, and this is why I feel like He has taken me by the hand and led me into life and relationship coaching.  I have education, training and experience that I bring to the table, but the gift from Him for which I am most thankful, is the relentless faith that there is no darkness or pain that is too big for him to heal.  In my coaching sessions, I ask God to take the lead in offering encouragement, ideas and life-giving mindsets and strategies for individuals and couples to walk in greater peace and fulfillment.  God doesn’t let me down. He draws near to the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.  He  brings unity and joy to marriages.  He came to bring life and life abundantly.

If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment for life or relationship coaching, I would love to talk with you or anyone who you think could benefit from some extra support at this time. Email me at  

I have discounted rates at this time, evening appointments, and offer phone sessions, or  in-person sessions at a comfortable location in northeast Ohio with privacy and social distancing. I coach women or men.  My husband Doug joins in when I coach men and He also joins me for marriage coaching sessions.  We want to help you find healing where needed and reach your goals!  God bless your day!

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