Are You Facing More Than You Can Handle?

Feeling pushed beyond your limit may seem like a crisis, but it is really a place blessed with opportunity. You have two choices before you: retreat into doubt and fear, or surrender to God, listening for His heart and His wisdom, as He leads you forward. Challenging winds may be too much for you to navigate through alone, but they are not too much for you AND God together.

God is trustworthy and faithful. Let Him take your anxiety, your fear, your self-doubt, and your weariness. Be still, be at rest, be confident that He goes before you, He has your back, and His grace never runs out.

Victory awaits the one who chooses to trust and depend on their Creator — there is no greater source of power, love, hope, joy and strength than the Almighty, All-Knowing, Sovereign God of the Universe, AND HE LOVES YOU AND IS ABLE TO DO MORE FOR YOU THAN YOU CAN ASK OR IMAGINE

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