Feeling Broken?

Thirty years ago today, I had recently graduated from college, was engaged to be married to the love of my life, and was just days into my job as a counselor at an agency where I had interned. I was just beginning to live out my dream of professionally helping hurting people get on their feet. After a horrible accident on my way home from work, I found myself in an ICU with a tube down my throat and an IV in my arm, recovering from emergency surgery, several fractured bones and a punctured lung.

This accident was one of many curveballs in my life that threatened to take me down not only physically but mentally, and dismantle my ability to help others and be the spouse and eventually the mom that I wanted to be.

In many seasons of brokenness like the one after the car accident, I have had to ask for help from someone who could perform the soul surgery I needed. It always took a lot of prayer, humility, and courage to reach out, but it was so worth it. It has turned each trauma and recovery into a source of compassion and healing for others rather than a hindrance to my purpose and calling.

I am very thankful for the professional counselors and coaches that I sought out, and who helped me to recalibrate after each storm. If you or someone you know feels knocked down by life, or a bit shook, stuck, or frustrated with progress in a life area, I am here to help. I have felt all of the above at different places in my journey, and you will find compassion and no judgement here. I would love to share the tools I have learned that have enabled me to be “up and running” with joy and thankfulness. That is why I created Springs of Water Coaching.



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