How Does God See You?

Are you surrendered to God’s plan, following His directions the best that you can, trusting that He will direct your steps and even work your mistakes for good? Fear not, he goes before you and also with you. He has your back!

Keep listening and moving forward in faith. He has a plan!

When God looks at you,
He doesn’t see flaws and weaknesses.
He sees the strengths that He created in you.
He sees the strengths thar He is working into you.
He sees you walking in His power
and covered by His love

The Eternal is with you…you mighty man (or woman) of valor!

I have been so inspired this past week by reading in The Bible about a man named Gideon.
He was humble, obedient, authentic, available and courageous (with some extra reassurance). He desired to do what God wanted of Him, however risky it looked. God met him where he was at with encouragement and instructions. I want to be like Gideon! To discover more about his amazing story see Judges 6 and 7.

2 thoughts on “How Does God See You?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Tammy. This message is like fresh water for a thirsty soul. God bless you!

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