You Can Bring Power!

When I see and feel heightened tension and pain in the world, I will not give up hope for change and healing. I will take notice of the beauty that is still happening even amid all the violence and conflict:  People of all color reaching out, respecting, and protecting one another.  People of all color and law officers honoring and befriending one another.  People of all color giving food, serving, and encouraging people in need due to the pandemic or destruction from the riots. People listening to one another with the goal of understanding.

I want to be a part of the solution. I will listen, I will learn, I will educate, I will speak words of life and hope, I will plant seeds of honor and respect, I will serve, I will speak out for justice, I will pray without ceasing for a better world, for all racism to end, for solutions and health to abound.  I also believe that before I can make a positive difference on the outside, I will make sure I am in order on the inside, free of fear and confusion, anchored in the love and hope of God.

I believe that often God best uses us to do our part to calm the storms outside of us when we first let him calm the storms inside of us.  I believe God helps us release our emotions to Him just as we are, receive His peace, and channel the passion he has given us.  He has solutions and wisdom that are higher than our understanding, knowledge, and reasoning.  We can rely on His help to quiet ourselves, and open our ears to His still small voice telling us the way to go, or the words to say.  

For a series of days last month, I noticed a momma robin feed her babies with a generous supply of worms out of my rain-soaked backyard.  She continued to bring them worms even after her chicks were days out of the nest and following her earnestly around the back yard.  She reminded me that God will never abandon us when we are seeking his help and gaining strength to fly according to His plan.  He promised us He will never leave us or forsake us.

May we all take time to lay our heads on the chest of Jesus and hear His heartbeat, receive His love and perspective, and then go forth in His compassion and power. 

I pray that your heart finds peace in knowing that you are not alone and that God’s plans are full of healing, hope, mercy, and justice. Following His lead, and letting Him live through us, we can all make a difference. 

With Love,


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