Heart to Heart Conversations With My Beautiful Son

I have been making sure I am extra emotionally available for my beautiful black 12 year old son to process all that he is hearing about at this tumultuous time. He is aware of the heart-wrenching murders and the protests. He is also aware that there are so many police officers that are not racist and that there are so many protestors that are bold but peaceful — we talk about many things. I have always made it safe for him to be raw about his feelings since the time he was very little, especially when talking about his adoption and the racism he has already personally experienced. I validate the pain he feels but I also tell him how beautiful he is and that God is such an amazing artist to create such a variety of skin tones, and that we are all the same inside. My husband and I and his big brother and sister make sure he know that we love him very much and are so grateful that he is part of our family. He and my biological son have the same birthmark on their ear which is so cool and amazing. He also has a wonderful extended family and diverse and kind friends/community in his life. With all that being said, I have still been extra concerned about what is going on inside of him lately. Then I saw this picture he recently started to use as a profile pic on one of his media accounts. I started to cry with some relief when I saw it, gave him a big hug, and I followed his lead by making it one of my media profile pics. We are both praying for unity among all races, that people would be no longer judged by the color of their skin, that racial diversity would be appreciated and celebrated, and that equality would be upheld.

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