Racial Healing With Small Acts of Kindness

My heart has been aching and I have been praying for what I could do to be an agent of healing and ease the pain of the black community. It occurred to me that I could start right where I live. I decided to go and deliver flowers to the black people in my neighborhood. I wanted to tell them that I am glad they are in the neighborhood and that they matter to me. One of the guys was in his driveway talking with his wife (who was white) and another white lady when I walked toward them. They were all surprised when I handed flowers to the man of the group until they heard what I said: “Your life matters to me”. The look on all of their faces made me so happy — especially the man whose face was all melted as he was holding the flowers. They were all so stunned but had so much joy on their faces. They were all smiling wide and shouting happy things as I drove away. 

Thank you God for the idea. Hope this inspires someone. 

We can all make a difference, sometimes one person at a time ❤️

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