To My Brothers and Sisters of Color

To those of you who have experienced racism: My heart is aching heavily over recent events, but I don’t pretend to understand the weight of pain you have had or are experiencing. If I could be face to face with each one of you right now, and you would allow me, I would hug you and cry with you, and ask your forgiveness for the evil that people have committed against you and many others in the past and the present. I will stand with you, I will speak out for you, I will continually pray for change in the minds and hearts of all people so that they forever break any partnership with discrimination in their thoughts, words or actions. With sorrow for the agony you are going through as you know and see the atrocities including horrible abuse and murder, I pray for justice, and I weep with you and pray for you to receive healing. I am on my knees praying for this world to be transformed.

From my heart,


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