More Encouragement for Christmas and The New Year

final winter scene with evergreen blue and white

Are you feeling weary, discouraged, or just need to catch your breath and reflect on the meaning of Christmas in the midst of all the holiday bustle.  Let me encourage you with good news  fitting for the season or any time of year:

We were made by the God of the universe with the purpose of having a loving friendship with Him. He pursues us and the people we love. He embraces us all just as we are this moment. He came to earth in the flesh to bridge the distance between Him and each one of us. Because of the baby in the manger who became an adult and then laid down His life for us, NOTHING we think, or speak or do will be too shameful for us to look into His eyes of compassion, and respond to His extended hand of mercy, friendship, and guidance as He says those beautiful words “Come Follow Me” or “Come back to Me”. He works all things for good and is will complete the good work He started in us. He wants to live in unity in us and through us.

Jesus knows every person reading these words and loves each one the same. He doesn’t play favorites.  His love is passionate, dedicated and strong. He has designed each one of us uniquely and has a tailored adventure planned for each of us that will continue to beautifully transform our hearts and lives.   He will sustain and strengthen us through any difficulty, and his mercy repeatedly offers us a new start.  He offers us joy and peace beyond understanding.

His hand is always extended toward each one of us, the people we love …. each person in our path.

Jesus knows your name.  May Christmas and all of your days be filled with the deep knowledge of His love for you!


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