The Christ of Christmas in The Midst of Real Life


During the holidays or any time of the year, I can feel overwhelmed with the challenges my loved ones and I face…unless I remember that I have been befriended by the God of the Universe, and He hears all my prayers. Any personal struggles or difficulties the people I care about are going through or I am facing are not to difficult for Him to meet with amazing comfort, breakthrough, and resolution.

I believe that all the answers that we are seeking. He has them. He is with us on our journey. He loves us through the process of discovery. He is not demanding a performance, He is performing His work in us. He enjoys our friendship. He teaches us with gentleness, especially when we make a mistake.

All the friends and family that we may be concerned about: He loves them even more than we do. He is for them. He pursues them. He has magnificent answers and guidance for them.

Also, whether we are doing laundry, making a holiday dinner, or starting a business, all that He has individually designed and called us to do is to be done to make Him and His love known. To do this, we do it with the strength He supplies. Sometimes that means we need to pull back and let Him refill us through rest, time with Him, and some heart examination, especially during the holidays when life can be full of busy-ness and distraction.

Today, may you have a close encounter The Christ of Christmas and be saturated in His love and strength this Christmas and all of your days.


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