Hey Fellow Life-Traveler!

Version 2

Dear fellow life-traveler,

Your ability to measure up to your standards or anyone else’s expectations has no bearing on your worth.
You are not defined by your productivity, visibility or success.
Nor are you defined by your mistakes and failures.
Awareness of your shortcomings is not an opportunity for self-lashing but an opportunity to receive from God the strength to improve.
It is not a time to hang your head low but to celebrate that today with God’s help you can be better than yesterday, and that you are covered by love, grace and mercy.
Keep your chin up and thank God for the work He is completing in you.
He never ever loves you based on your performance or the opinions or approval of others.
You are passionately loved simply because you are His son or daughter.
You will never be even close to perfect so rest in the perfect work of the cross.
A perfect life was laid down for you — that is how valuable you are even at your worst“for the same love he has for his Beloved One, Jesus, he has for us” (Ephesians 1:6 TPT).

Just as you are, broken and bruised, Jesus says, “Come follow Me.”  You surrender, He makes you stronger, step by step.

In any condition, He calls you beautiful. He sees His artwork. You are accepted and loved.


2 thoughts on “Hey Fellow Life-Traveler!

  1. Amazing timing Tammy! Just what the Good Doctor (God, Our Great Physician) ordered. Dealing with a very recent shortcoming and been laying my head low 🙁 Your words brought instant healing and encouragement to my soul! Thank you!

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