There Is No Fear In Love

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Dear Reader,

Have you turned your will and your life over to Jesus but sometimes feel weary and discouraged as you are learning to follow Him? Do you ever feel that He must have had enough of your floundering and stumbling?

I have good news for you. It is not in His nature to reject you or lose patience with you. His love for you is passionate and steadfast. He is not mad at you.

You never have to worry about being good enough for Him to love you

He loves you in the learning process

He loves you in your mistakes

He loves you in your messes

He helps you clean up your messes

He helps you put things back together when they fall apart (and often that means letting go and letting Him take care of things in ways beyond your understanding and ability)

He will never give up on you

He will never leave you

He has so much wisdom to give you at your request

He has so much compassion for you

He wants to work, and play, and rest with you

He challenges and teaches you tenderly

His power and kindness will help you make the changes that you need

He draws near to you in your brokenness

His love covers your imperfection and He celebrates even the smallest evidence of growth that He sees in you

He will complete the good work that He started in you as you continue to surrender and trust in Him

With all your struggles and imperfections, you are safely held in the arms of God. There is nothing to fear. He loves you and rejoices that you are His, regardless of your performance.
May your trust in His love become as strong as lightning and sink into every cell of your body.

The joy of taking away all shame that could separate you from His Father is what enabled Jesus to endure the cross. Let Him enjoy His reward by jumping in the arms of God, knowing that you are fully known and loved just as you are today, no matter how broken and disfigured you think you are. You never have to clean yourself up. You just keep letting Him love you and He will transform your surrendered life from the inside out. No shame. No fear. Just surrender. He gives grace to the humble.

You are accepted. You are holy in His eyes. He sees the finished work. He loves you deeply.
May you be overtaken by that truth today. When He says, “Come follow Me,” He gives you the strength to do all that entails, as you are changed from glory to glory by His power, one day at a time. You are accepted and loved all along the way.

May you be overtaken by His love.


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