My God is a Jewish Carpenter!

My God is a Jewish Carpenter, and so much more.  I am so glad that Jesus came in the flesh and lived, loved, laid down his life, and rose again.  I am so thankful that He still is in our midst and knocks on the door of our hearts, desiring that we will invite HimContinue reading “My God is a Jewish Carpenter!”

Slow Down And Be Filled

This Christmas season I wanted to resist being overly distracted by shopping, decorating, planning and attending holiday events, and take the time to look into the eyes of the people I love and do my best to really hear their heart. I wanted to make sure I avoid to-do list marathons that would rob meContinue reading “Slow Down And Be Filled”

Paradox: My Purse Was Stolen And I Am Celebrating!

This is the backstory: I had a painful reaction to a conversation that I had on Saturday. Nothing hurtful was said to me, but I was weak enough that my logical interpretation of some words spoken uncovered hidden uncertainty and sent me into a tailspin of doubt regarding some important decisions I have felt GodContinue reading “Paradox: My Purse Was Stolen And I Am Celebrating!”

True Confession and Holiday Special!

I have a confession to make. Marketing my latest book is not comfortable for me. It feels so self-promoting even though my heart is to share my story to inspire and help others. I started out strong and then neglected it. I had a dream the other night that startled me and shifted my perspective.Continue reading “True Confession and Holiday Special!”

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