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Update on Brushstrokes of Heaven! It is available on amazon.com TODAY August 3, a week earlier than its original “due date”! I don’t mind since this baby has been developing for over two and a half years and many hours of labor! I am overjoyed that it is ready to be delivered!!  

I believe that is a “God thing” that it was unexpectedly released today, since 28 years ago this very day I was lying in a hospital fighting for my life — the details are in my book 😉  God truly works all things for good, and I believe that today He wants me to celebrate that He had many plans He wouldn’t let me miss, including the joy of writing as a way to tell stories that give evidence of His amazing heart.

Thank you to the many of you who have encouraged me as I have worked on this project! I am praying that this book is a source of hope and healing to all who read it!

I am honored that Joel Reichlin was willing to write a forward for me.  Here is an excerpt from His wonderful words: 

“Brushstrokes of Heaven is truly a testimony of the love and power of God in the most difficult circumstances — a testimony that even in the darkest of times, when we cannot see beyond our own trials, the light of Jesus shines and we find our way back home. I’m writing this forward because I believe in Jesus and His power to heal and to restore. I also believe that in the pages of this book you will also find and encounter Jesus. I also believe that as you encounter Jesus in the pages of this book, you will find yourself being touched by God, healed and restored. ”  Joel Reichlin, Connections Pastor, Bethel Cleveland and Founder of Real Love Ministries

Brushstrokes of Heaven is available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1975895096

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