Led to a Wonderful Place by a Recurring Dream

I LOVE the ocean. It energized me and stirs my heart like nothing else in nature. I love the sound of waves pounding the surf, the salty water swirling around my feet, and the feel of sea winds blowing forcefully against my face and whipping my hair all around. For many years I have hadContinue reading “Led to a Wonderful Place by a Recurring Dream”

Exciting News!

Update on Brushstrokes of Heaven! It is available on amazon.com TODAY August 3, a week earlier than its original “due date”! I don’t mind since this baby has been developing for over two and a half years and many hours of labor! I am overjoyed that it is ready to be delivered!!   I believeContinue reading “Exciting News!”

The Countdown Begins

I have finished my new book and I am praying that it will bring hope and encouragement to many readers! Brushstrokes of Heaven on amazon.com “This book is heartfelt and redemptive.  Tammy courageously shares personal and inspirational accounts of trauma survival by God’s grace.  Her writing demonstrates her willingness to be vulnerable to bring othersContinue reading “The Countdown Begins”

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