For Struggling Teenagers

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This is for any hurting teenagers/young adults out there:

You will get through this.
Even with your wounds, mistakes, and imperfections you are beautiful.  You have a lot to give to this world.  Don’t believe any voices that tell you otherwise.

I fought self hatred when I was a teen.  I understand the battle.  Your family may not be there for you the way you want them to be there for you.  You may struggle to tell them what you need.  I am a parent, and my heart aches because many times I have failed to sufficiently understand, be there, and help my kids in the best way even though I fiercely love them.  There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am that even when I blow it as a parent, God passionately pursues my children just as He pursued me in the midst of my struggles.

If you are reading this it is evidence God is chasing you too.  He loves you so much.  Please don’t give up.  You are worth it.  The world needs your unique gifts.  No matter where you are, you are never too far gone.  God is reaching down to you with unconditional love and compassion.  He can lift you out of deep waters and get you through dark forests.  He is always there for you.

I promise there is hope, light, and adventure if you only grab God’s hand and keep your eyes on Him.  He can bring good out of anything you have been through.  No situation is hopeless.  YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE

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