Jesus Is More Than Enough

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First let me say, as you read this, hang in there, the story gets better….

I lost my third and forth baby before birth. After each loss, I felt a huge painful gaping hole in my heart. The chance of a future successful pregnancy was slim, based on my age and statistics. Adoption seemed financially out of reach. I could almost audibly hear the devil taunt me with the words “no more babies for you”, and I shut my ears to him. I am grateful to say that eventually God did make a way for adoption, and it was a wonderful experience.

However, for many long months before the doors of adoption were opened, my soul ached for another child. One day in my house alone, I was singing along with the song “Enough” by Chris Tomlin. As I sang the words to Jesus: “your love, and all I have in you, is more than enough”, I felt the sensation of heavy tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt sad, yet comforted and strengthened at the same time. I knew the words that I sang were true, even in the midst of my broken heart. Even if I never held another infant in my arms; even if I did not receive the gift of another son or daughter to raise and nurture, I was declaring with this song, that Jesus and His love would sustain me, and propel me forward.

A couple of weeks ago, I was recalling the verses of that song. I realized how helpful they could be for absolutely any hint of anxiety, fear, challenge, or heart ache. So I started a new habit. If I make a mistake, I say, “Jesus is more than enough.” If a relationship feels strained, I say, “Jesus is more than enough.” If I feel vulnerable in a situation, I say, “Jesus is more than enough”. If I am not feeling physically or emotionally well in any way, I say, “Jesus is more than enough. For me it is another way to let Jesus know that I trust in His truth that I am accepted, forgiven; He is advocating for me, and working all things for good.

Jesus has all the power and provision, all the love, and all the creative, restorative ideas. He is always available, as a personal friend, advisor, healer and comforter. He is trustworthy, forgiving, and faithful. He understands and embraces each one of us just as we are. His grace covers our shortcomings and transforms them in time. He is more than enough.

“Grace and peace [that special sense of spiritual well-being] be multiplied to you in the [true, intimate] knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. For His divine power has bestowed on us [absolutely] everything necessary for [a dynamic spiritual] life and godliness, through [a]true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.” 2 Peter 1:2-3

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