Receiving Power


I sensed God reminding me this week that I do not need to be at all ashamed when I am struggling to walk steady and see clearly. It just means that I need His help. And after all, He is God. Why wouldn’t I need His help to do the really hard things, the impossible things, and the wonderful but intimidating things He has in front of me? Sometimes even the ordinary and mundane things for which I am responsible can be a challenge when my soul is hungry for rest, creativity or connection. It is Him that heals, inspires and sustains me.

My faltering does not let Him down. He knows when I will hesitate. He also knows what I will think, say or do before it happens. He knows me well. He created me. I have a design that has strengths. However I have weaknesses as well. That is why it is a perfect plan for Him to come and live in me. As I surrender my shortcomings to Him, He invades and transforms them with His power, and works them for good. I am like an earthen vessel that is the size to hold only a quart of water, with cracked sides and a broken spout. However with the presence of God’s extravagant love, this same vessel could have a mind-boggling capacity to hold gallons without losing a drop, except when it is filled to overflowing with His life giving water.

So when I am feeling weak, I won’t hide. I will reach up, Lord. You will pull me into your arms and take me up. Then it will be obvious that it is your hand that strengthens my sides and gently directs and clarifies my vision. It will be apparent that I am peacefully moving forward because you are carrying me. Then you will receive the glory You deserve.

“…it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”  Galations 2:19 (NKJV)

2 thoughts on “Receiving Power

  1. I read this blog more than once today! It captured where I was this week, so intimately, that it brought me to tears. I have needed help this past week, but it was so hard for me to admit that. I finally surrendered and asked. What a relief it was to just get to the point where I could admit that I was weak. I admitted it again on a deeper level after reading your blog. The words you wrote at the beginning grabbed my heart so strong where you wrote, “I do not need to be at all ashamed of when I’m struggling…” That phrase released such freedom into my life! In response, I make a resolve tonight, to “not hide, and to reach up to the Lord!” Thank you for courageously leading me to this place!

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