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I like to write and speak words to encourage, because I love people.  I also like to listen to a person’s heart, study their expressions and appreciate who they are. The uniqueness of each person fascinates me.  It doesn’t take long for compassion to be stirred up in me toward a person, even before I know their story, because I know that everyone has been through their own kind of pain.

I have worn different hats that have given me the opportunity and privilege to know and help others to heal and find freedom to move further  all they were created to be.   In this current season, I feel called to express this passion for people through writing.

I wrote a short inspirational/memoir/poetry/photography book three years ago titled “The Power of Compassion.” Presently I am working on a more detailed and transparent memoir per request of some of my readers of the first book, and because I sense God’s hand on this new assignment.

God has won my heart, and renews it often. His love shatters shame, heals wounds, and breaks chains, and for this I am grateful.  Because of this I won’t hesitate to share any personal stories that shed light on just how strong He has been in the midst of my weakness.  It just may encourage someone who needs some hope.  This is my prayer.

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